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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Sale Designer Menswear 2007

here to visit
our designer clothing summer sale! The latest Armani, g-star,
replay, diesel lines on sale now!



Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spring / Summer fashion update

It has been a while since we have released some news from the HD office. There will be new stock arriving soon, including armani, lacoste, Henleys, boxfresh, redbear and much more. Please keep visiting as there will be some great deals each day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Akai Kuma Clothing

New brand on the scene,

The Akai Kuma brand is our new baby here at High Demand Clothing! We have decided to take them on this season, knowing the huge demand there will be for the Akai Kuma fashion lines. Personally, I think they have a great collection, and being able to see and feel the pieces first hand, I can guarantee that you will love them! The innovation for the brand is Japanese orientated, and there is little competition as it is such a unique idea. The prints fit the pieces perfectly, and they comprise some of the best layering effects I have seen. At much lowering prices, and much better detail used than many larger brands, bag a piece and see it for yourself!

Discounted Akai Kuma Clothing now at High Demand Clothing. See the store for more info.

Monday, April 10, 2006

New facility for our users!


At High Demand Clothing, we bring you the best new addition ever! This is for the people who need those special sizes that are not listed. We now have an agreement to be able to request those extra sizes that you need! For example, need an XXL? or higher? or have a short leg size? maybe a 30 inch leg or even a large leg size like 34 inch? Or even large waist sizes, like 36 or 38 inch waists? This is the option for you! At High Demand Clothing, we generally tend to stock the main sizes like mediums and larges that have a higher demand. This makes it so much harder to find those other sizes I mentioned above.

After much deliberation, and many requests from our most loyal customers, we set up an agreement to be able to get the sizes in that you need. We know that this will be one of the best additions, as odd sizes are very hard to find these days. Especially with the ladies clothing, jeans come in so many different varieties or shapes and sizes and its nearly impossible to find that perfect pair. Well, just stick to High Demand Clothing from now on, and we will provide this service for you.

Stay here for more news from the HD side of life soon!

James - Sales Manager

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Redbear Stock Announcement

Hello all!

We have a great announcement for all the Redbear Clothing fans out there. From the great response in the last few seasons, we know you will love the new stock, which is due anytime soon. There are some great bits, especially for those who go for the stripes! Its the fashion at the moment, and they have hit it spot on, so visit back at the weekend, and hopefully there will be some pieces you will drool over!

The Redbear item prices will be great as well! We know how looovely it is to bag a discount on an awesome fashionable clothing item, so we will make sure everyone can afford them. In fact, some of our customers have previusly decided to buy the whole range. Well, all i have to say that I have purchased a few pieces myself - superb quality items at affordable prices. Thats what the HD team like.

So, embrace yourselves for the the big drop! Hopefully, if you are signed up to the newsletter, you will receive a letter informing you when the clothes go online.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, April 03, 2006

High Demand Clothing Fashion Forum

Hi there guys,

Its a new day once again, and as usual, many things to update you with. I thought that it would be a good chance to interest you with the High Demand Fashion forum. This has been going for a few months now, and after much success, it needs to brought into the spotlight! Our fashion forum is perfectly suited to meet your needs, as it allows you to discuss the latest fashion trends for the current season. We know how important this is to all of you! As one of the more established designer clothing stores on the internet, we have a subunit of the HD team who are constantly researching the latest trends in fashion. This allows us to provide you with the most up to date and trendy stock as well as having the ability to keep you informed! So, if you have not visited the fashion forum already, please go there whenever you have some time. In doing so, it will provide valuable help to all the fashion lovers surfing the net by expanding the archive of information available. You can reach it via our website by clicking on the male options button.

Feel free to ask any questions on any of the brands or clothing products we do or do not stock. Advise us and talk to others. You can also find some great deals from a variety of designer clothing stores. However, we know you will stay loyal to us! This is because we are constantly aiming to improve our service, so just give us a quick email if you ever need any help and one of the team will we more than willing to help!

Remember the brands available at the moment via High Demand:

Armani latest clothes, Diesel jeans current styles just in, Stone island tops selling fast as always! Loads of discounted products. Just visit the bargain section if you are a little low on money. There are some great deals there to be found!

Best Regards to all our readers,

Greetings from the HD team

Hello all!

I'm Jake, one of the HD team. You might remember me from any emails you have received as I tend to be the one who writes them. James, the MD has asked me to write a little column about our company for any of you who may not already know. High Demand Clothing to us evolves around the philosophy of "Style Fashion Sense!" Our aim is to bring you the latest high fashion designer labels straight from the catwalks of the world to your door in style. We stock an astonishing collection of men’s and ladies clothing and accessories as well as some great gift ideas. The designer clothing brands that are currently on offer are Diesel, 55DSL, Miss Sixty, Armani, Red Bear, Lacoste, Evisu, G Star, Hugo Boss, Moschino, Paul & Shark, Replay and many more. We have a huge variety of clothes to offer and these include designer t-shirts, tops, vests, jumpers, sweaters, jeans, shades, bags, hats, accessories, jackets, jewellery, sunglasses, underwear,

I have written a list of the brands below, so that you can click and see what is on offer on the website.


>>>> Click here to visit
the online shop

# Armani Clothing

# Diesel Clothing

# Hugo Boss Clothing

# Redbear Clothing

# Miss Sixty Clothing

# Replay Clothing

# G-star Clothing

# 55DSL Clothing

# Moschino Clothing

# Evisu Clothing

# Prada Clothing

# D&G Clothing

# Gucci Clothing

# Stone Island Clothing

# Theo Fennell Clothing

Sunday, April 02, 2006

New High Demand Stock Drop!

New High Demand Stock Drop!

Throughout this week, we have been adding new stock on the website. Make sure you visit soon and REMEMBER,if you see anything you reeeaally like, buy it, as stock is diminishing quicker than ever before.

Upon voting, the HD team's recommended product of the week goes to the breath-taking Replay Tabit jean. All the team is kitted up in these, purchasing out of their own pockets! And this hardly comes near to demonstrating how amazing they really are.

Welcome to High Demand Clothing Informer

A swift, yet sincere note to all of our special customers,

After many years of supplying you with the best in authentic, current season designer clothing, the HD design team is always thinking of new ways to improve our service. And today... we bring you the launch of the High Demand Clothing Informer, which aims to keep you up to date with all the latest news and information that you need about the HD world of fashion! Just add this page to your favourties and visit us frequently and we will make sure you are informed about the latest news & info.

Aaron - Director
High Demand Clothing

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